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On Record

Voicemails Jerry Left Me

This past February, my late friend Jerry Carrillo would have turned 40. Digging thru my archives I found a few voicemails left by him that I recorded. I tend to record and save the really cool voicemails I like, so if you wanna be immortalized then pick up the phone and hope I don’t answer.

Here are 4 messages that sum up what the type of voicmails he’d leave. We sorta had a game going to see who could leave the weirdest and wackiest messages. One of them I left was inspired by this De La Soul track, and he clapped back with his own version.

Hearing these messages brings about a certain melancholy. They feel fresh, like he just hung up and I can call him back right now. No doubt he woulda loved this video, I’m sure he woulda been blown away that I recorded these messages.

Miss ya Jerry!

Milqtoast Crunch
Milqtoast Crunch