I’m an independent comic book artist and writer working in Houston, Texas.

I’ve been making and self publishing my own comics for 20 years now, and I’m always on the lookout for new platforms to express myself online.

Although I’ve run an official blog website for 10 years I want to try a platform that allows me to connect and grow my audience in ways that are more tangible than just a readout of numbers of hits. You should totally subscribe.

I work for a large-scale printing company by day. I’m a big advocate of DIY stuff. I tinker with computers and electronics. I imbibe lots of music. And I also enjoy plants and gardening. All this and more coming down the pipe in my substack.

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Comic Art and Other Thoughts and Such from tOoNzDaY



I write, draw and create comics. Tinker with computers. Imbibe a lotta music.